What My Clients Say

  • Jillian, 2022

  • “My divorce was long and ugly as so many are. Kevin and his assistant Crystal were with me the entire way. I felt heard and represented. As each problem arose, Kevin was right there to send the appropriate (and quick) responses and get business taken care of. He did not have the power to make the divorce go any faster (no one can control that), but he did have the power to help with the outcome. In the end, I felt very taken care of by them. I was able to get what I needed to move on with my life and that was the best outcome. One thing I will say about Kevin is that he will not sugar coat for you. As a person going through trauma there are things you want to hear, but he told me things as I “needed” to hear them. It kept me based in reality and realistic about expectations. I really appreciated that! My life is better for having met Kevin and Crystal! Thank you both!”

  • Chad, 2018

  • Exceptional Family Law Attorney!
    “After interviewing a number of the top family law attorneys in the Salem area, I retained Kevin Gage to assist and finalize my difficult long-term divorce. I found Mr. Gage to be very professional yet personal, as well as continually conscious of how we could work together to minimize my billing statements. In the end, I do not believe I could have retained a more efficient family law attorney than Kevin Gage.”

  • Daniel, 2018

  • Highly recommend for divorce matters
    “I cannot recommend Kevin Gage highly enough for divorce matters. My brother and I met with him yesterday to find out what my brother needed to know about divorce in Oregon, and in a little over an hour, Kevin did a perfect job of explaining the process and making clear what’s involved in each of the steps in getting a divorce. He was clear, succinct, knowledgeable about the law and the practicalities of untangling a marriage. I was impressed with his ability to talk about case law without going over our heads, and by the end of our time with Kevin, my brother and I were confident that my brother will be able to successfully handle the process.”

  • Steve, 2017

  • Kevin saved my financial life
    “Kevin fixed a terrible spousal support issue I had with my ex-wife. I had been paying her an astronomical spousal support for years, even though she had been remarried three times! Because of the support payments, it looked like I would never be able to retire.

    I met with Kevin because my cousin, a federal judge in Alaska, said he was the highest rated divorce attorney in Salem. Kevin was great. I was very impressed with Kevin’s knowledge of divorce law in general and Marion County/Oregon divorce law in particular. He listened, was sympathetic and did all the legal things necessary to get me out a terrible situation.

    Kevin suggested a solution (a one time settlement payment) which was fair to my ex-wife and also allowed me to have the financial breathing room to retire from my stressful job. Then he wrote the letters, created all the documents and filed all the necessary paperwork. Kevin’s solution worked and I was able to retire. I can’t think Kevin enough for all his help.”

  • Donna, 2017

  • Highly recommended!
    “Kevin represented me in my divorce and alimony modification case. I would highly recommend Kevin as a trusted and experienced professional. I relied on his sound advice and wisdom to represent me through these emotional and trying experiences with a positive and beneficial outcome.”

  • Carli, 2016

  • Wonderful experience
    “Kevin was truly a professional and was helpful in so many ways. His expertise was indispensable in my modification case and I am truly thankful that I had the chance to work with him.”

  • Anonymous, 2015

  • Kevin is an excellent advocate
    “Mr. Gage was not only successful in obtaining a settlement that was beyond what anyone would have expected, but he encouraged me to do the things I could do to help reduce the cost of my divorce(eg-doing financial statements). However, the thing I appreciated most was that he helped me to find the confidence I needed to go on with life and have a successful future.”

  • Amelia, 2015

  • Exceptional and Ethical Representation
    “I hired Mr. Gage to represent me in a divorce case. In every aspect of his dealings with me I found him to be highly ethical, extremely orqanized, and a very hard worker. He was compassionate and took the time to listen and be caring. He was very responsive, dealt extremely well with opposing counsel, and his record keeping of all the complicated discovery and multiple documents was impeccable. His legal assistant Crystal was also very kind. Mr. Gage kept me appraised of my case status at all times, and answered every question I had during the process. I would very highly recommend Mr. Gage as a truly exceptional attorney.”

  • JC, Albany, Oregon, 2016

  • “Far and away Kevin Gage made a very hard situation much easier. Mr. Gage is very knowledgeable and direct. Without any doubt, we would not hesitate to refer him to anyone needing a professional attorney who is at the top of his game. An attorney that other attorneys should strive to be at his level. If a top notch attorney for family law is needed. . . look no further as you would be very hard pressed to find better. Kudos to you Mr. Gage and thank you.”

  • Joan, 2013

  • Custody battle
    “My husband and I retained Mr. Gage in June 2012 for a custody case. He worked so hard to help us through this tough case. He had to move mountains in the beginning of the case because the Dad in this case is an Attorney and created many barriers. Mr. Gage remained very professional and kept the case moving forward. Because our Attorney is so competent, the case moved quickly and came to an end. Mr. Gage is a top-notch Attorney and we would recommend him to everyone.”

  • Duane, 2012

  • Kevin and his staff were a breath of fresh air in a toxic battle with an angry ex-wife
    “Kevin was more than helpful, he paid close attention to the details of our case, He was intuitive enough to see the big picture and did what in my opinion was exactly what you want an attorney to do, he advocated on our behalf and never lost sight of the big picture.

    I have worked with a number or attorneys over my lifetime and Kevin without a doubt is the best one I know. I would recommend him and his staff any day.”

  • Daniel, 2012

  • Gage Law Firm is #1 !!!
    “It was great to have an experience lawyer who knows the law and is respected by the judges. He worked evenings and weekends on my case and always took the time to explain my options and where we were in the case. Mr. Gage and his entire staff are second to none.”

  • Child Support Client, 2009

  • Very knowledgable, and available
    “He takes the time to discuss ‘options’ not what he thinks you need to do, or what worked in the past…but what might work for you. He is available, and never makes you feel like he is too busy, even for what might seem like a trivial question.”