Instant Law

What Is Instant Law?

Instant Law is instant Family Law legal research performed personally by an attorney who has specialized in Family Law for 35 years.

How Fast Is Instant Law?

Instantaneous! As fast as you can ask your questions, I can give you the answer supported by statute and case citation.

How Is It Possible To Provide Instant Legal Research?

Instant answers are possible because I researched your question even before you called me. In the early 1980’s, I started briefing every single case from the Oregon Supreme Court and Court of Appeals that related to Family Law.

In addition to this, I added materials I have collected from across the United States and from national Family Law newsletters.

As a result of this compulsive behavior, I have amassed the most thorough Family Law computer database in Oregon. Instant Law has thousands of entries containing legal authority on topics from the most obvious to the most obscure, and I have organized the entries in subcategories so they can be retrieved instantly the moment you contact me.

When To Use Instant Law

  • WHEN you need to have the answer RIGHT NOW!
  • WHEN you are writing a trial memo.
  • WHEN looking for an obscure point of law.
  • WHEN you have the feeling that, no matter how hard you look, you will never find the answer on your own.
  • WHEN you would like to have the benefit of talking with a Family Law specialist about your legal issue.
  • ANYTIME you want the convenience of quick and accurate research.

Why Is Instant Law Better Than Any Other Research Tool?

When you use Instant Law, you are receiving the benefit of research performed by an expert with 35 years experience specializing in Family Law.

No other resource gives you instant access to the law you need. Services such as Lexis and Westlaw are excellent tools, but they have limitations. Often the biggest limitation is the users inability to construct a query narrow and accurate enough to generate a usable response. Because of this, you may encounter situations in which you will never find what you are looking for even though an answer is there to be found with the right query. Or perhaps your query will generate 50 case citations, some helpful, some not, but you won’t know until you read them all.

These problems are virtually eliminated by my system of cataloguing specific points of law in thousands of logical subcategories.

I am a co-author of “Property Rights and Division” (chapter 6 of the Oregon State Bar Domestic Relations Continuing Legal Education manual). I can tell you from personal observation that, because of size limitations in CLE publications, the Domestic Relations CLE is not able to contain but a small fraction of the information found in Instant Law.


Here are some examples of information you could find by using Instant Law:

  1. What are 19 reasons a party should receive the lion’s share of the marital estate?
  2. What factor has the Oregon Court of Appeals stated is THE MOST significant factor in determining whether spousal support should be indefinite?
  3. Do you always have to prove a change in circumstances to justify modifying a sole custody award or an award of child support? No.

Who Uses Instant Law?

Instant Law is for lawyers and their staff only. Lawyers across Oregon have been delighted for years to obtain instant legal research from me.

How To Submit A Research Request

You may submit a research request in any way that is convenient for you, by phone, by letter, by e-mail, or by making an appointment to meet with me personally.


I charge by the hour (or increments thereof) at my usual hourly rate. Feel free to speak with me about charges for this service. Getting the answer quickly from Instant Law is less expensive than struggling for a long time on your own.

Areas Of Law Not Covered

  • Juvenile Law
  • Adoption Law


Instant Law is legal research, not legal advice. Instant Law is not a substitute for your independent legal analysis.